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     Yemeni Be Honey :


Yemeni Be Honey : Yemen , geographically, consists of plains ,mountains, valleys, seas and golden sands that get more shine and brilliance when the sun rays touch them.

Types Of Yemeni Honey

 1- Al sider (Christ's thorn ) also Know as llb and Al-Erg

This type of honey can be found in Hadramout , Gardan Shabwa , Al osimat Hashid , wisab , Tihama, Hajah and Al Mahweet.

 Therapeutic benefits:

Al Sider honey is considered the king of honey . It has a marvelous taste and an aromatic smell.Thus, it is considered the most well known and expensive honey .

It is used for treating burns , abscess, gastric ulcer , colitis , chest diseases , breathing , witchcraft, and mental derangement.

2- Al Sumar honey also known as shoka.

It comes from regions like Hadramout, Tihama and Abyan.

Terapeutic benefits :

It is used for treating hepatitis and to boost the body's power.

3- Al Salam honye

It can be found in Tihama to the north and south east of Hodiedah.

therapeutic benefits:

It is used to treat the urinary passages diseases and anemia. It is considered one of the best quality honey for boosting sexual efficiency.

Al Salam honey that more than one year old is good for diabetic.

4- Al Mara'i honey

It is found all across yemen and is one of the best honey in terms of the diversty of blossoms.

5- Al Amag or Al Sal

It comes from Hadramout , Hajah , Al Mahweet , Anis , Ibb and Taiz.

It is used for flue and cold, asthma and cholesterol.

For best results use honey diluted with water before breakfast.


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